Career Summary

Application Developer specializing in front-end and database development. Focused on detail with the understanding of "If it can't be figured out in 5 minutes without a manual, it's designed wrong". Utilizing Agile development practices as well as the .Net (and DotNet/ASPNet Core) foundation. Always striving to learn and expand, I regularly work on side projects or utilize training courses (Such as PluralSight). Able to train other employees in best practices, or teach technologies that have been mastered.

Skills & Proficiency

Data Analytics (Expert)
MSSQL / DBA (Expert)
MySQL (Expert)
SSIS (Expert)
SSRS (Expert)
.Net Core (Intermediate)
ASP.Net Core (Intermediate)
Bootstrap (Intermediate)
C# (Intermediate)
CSS (Intermediate)
jQuery (Intermediate)
MVC (Intermediate)
PHP (Intermediate)
Tableau (Average)


Team Lead

Mar 2018 - Present
Mariner Finance - Nottingham, MD
Business Intelligence


  • Provide leadership for and manage the daily activity of the Advanced Analytics and Warehousing team.
  • Database Administration, Modeling, and Planning in order to maintain a highly scalable platform.
  • Participate in off-hours on-call support.
  • Analyze existing SQL queries for performance improvements and re-engineering when necessary.
  • Streamlining data flows and data architecture processes to improve accuracy, viability and value.
  • Research and finds solutions to complex problems involving technologies that are not currently implemented.
  • Mentoring the Advanced Analytics and Warehousing team and helping to grow and evolve their development and analytical skills.


  • Soon to come


Mar 2017 - Mar 2018
Comcast Cable Communications - Nottingham, MD (Northeast Division)


  • Enhancing and bug-fixing applications based on JIRA intake tickets that are prioritized by company priorities and cost savings.
  • Break/Fix solutions for existing applications and server infrastructure.
  • Rewriting legacy applications with a modern design, theme, layout, and database structure.
  • Managing SQL Server and Windows Server clusters used by divisional and national applications, as well as other departments and teams.


  • Server Architecture - Comprised a plan to reduce SQL Server cluster from 12 servers down to 6, as well as redistribute and maximize resource throughput of these servers. This plan is being implemented throughout Fiscal 2018 and saves the company a few hundred thousand dollars as well as minimizes necessary maintenance times while ensuring resources are properly utilized.
  • Subcounts - Analyzed an aged and outdated application written in classic ASP, and rewrote it to use MVC, Razor, and jQuery. Database backend had to be completely re-engineered as there was little to no documentation or scripts that existed for the old platform. Application regularly processes over 800M records in under 2 minutes per execution depending on parameters used. This application interfaces with a ticketing platform to allow writing the output results into various tickets for customers, service incident reports, service maintenance logs, etc.
  • OAUTH2 Rollout - Wrote an OAUTH2 wrapper that I used to bolt on to all existing and new applications to interface with external API's. I then utilized this system to rewrite all applications to utilize this OAUTH2 system where appropriate.

Lead Analyst

Apr 2009 - Mar 2017
Comcast Cable Communications - Nottingham, MD (Beltway Region)
Collections, Revenue Operations, Finance, Business Intelligence


  • Reporting and Application Development for the Beltway Region of Comcast. Originally developed in Reporting Services, many reports were redesigned, revamped, and pushed into Tableau for Senior Leadership to consume.
  • Managed local SQL Server cluster, including database modeling and indexing. This consisted of 8 SQL Servers, with 4 of these being dedicated to various operational data stores branched by department. This cluster would process several TB of data daily and needed to have high availability due to being used to drive critical business decisions.
  • Hosted various training classes on SQL Query development in SQL Server and Composite Information Server. This empowered 41 employees to get into basic SQL Query development and to look at enhancing their skills. Follow-up support was provided over email with "Tips and Tricks" sent regularly, as well as individual query debugging with employees.


  • Beltway OrderPath - Pulled in all orders made in the billing system to audit for previous bad debt or unreturned equipment. Application interfaced with credit bureaus and public records companies to obtain necessary information. Fuzzy matching was used to match non-standard addresses and recursively search through the billing system, checking for over 16 different data-point matches. This tool reduced a manual process from 30 minutes per account down to 2 minutes per account in an easy to use web interface for documentation, and reduced bad debt by over $2M in the first year of launch and handled over 100,000 orders a month.
  • Beltway Friends and Family - An application that was used to generate one-time use coupons for employees to provide to their friends and family for special promotional deals.
  • Customer Experience Portal - Every business wants to answer that question: "Would you recommend us?", and this application was an answer to that customer lens. The application is a combination of data processing and data entry from leadership teams to provide employees a way to see what drives the customers experience with our business.
  • Customer Notification Platform - Wrote an automated process that audited the billing system and looked for any equipment that had been returned. A detailed email would be generated and sent to the customer listing the individual devices returned and when, providing the customer a digital transaction receipt.
  • Data Warehouse - Assisted in building a regional data warehouse. This warehouse was used to feed other departments, Reporting Services reports, as well as Tableau reports. Around 600gb of records were processed daily.
  • QuickCoach - From techs in the field, to agents in the call center, a necessity exists to notify either side when there are issues with accounts or work orders that may have been overlooked or were unnecessary. This application allowed notifications to be sent to individual managers to improve our customers experience, as well as increase our team's awareness.
  • Service Authorization - Automated scripting process to generate a list of accounts and devices that are receiving services illegally, receiving less service than the customer is paying for, or receiving more service than the customer is paying for. This was then provided to MIS for auditing and processing, to correct the issues. This lead to a huge increase in internet subscribers as theft of service was very common. Process was extensible so that it could be used for any necessary customer notification.

Customer Service Executive

Jul 2007 - Apr 2009
Comcast Cable Communications - Nottingham, MD (MD/DE/RCH Region, Beltway Region)
Technical Support, Advanced Services


  • Troubleshooting Cable, Internet, and Telephone services/features.
  • Handling escalations and advanced troubleshooting issues.
  • Assisted in training new hires, specializing in home networking.


  • Wiki Management - Wrote Mediawiki articles to document troubleshooting guides and device interface walk-throughs.

Personal Projects

CatBot (Source: GitHub) - A discord bot written in DotNet Core and C#, built on top of SoraBot v2 with the Discord.Net library. This bot currently fuels multiple Discord servers and has been released as open source under the AGPLv3 license.
CatBot Web Interface (Source: GitHub) - A responsive website built in AspNet Core, C#, and intended to interface with the CatBot application to provide an easy to access administration and information panel. This interface also allows for configuration of the CatBot application, as well as provides detailed reports enable users to have better management of their Guilds (Servers) in Discord. Released under a dual license. Commercial must contact me to use, but Personal/Non-Commercial use must adhere to the Apache-2.0 license.